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About Me

My name is Nicki, and I have been making and selling art since early 2019.

I create 3 dimensional artwork focusing on vulvas. I use a combination of techniques regularly, including embroidery and padded appliqué, and experiment with other techniques and mediums, such as crochet, beading and clay!

I enjoy working in an intuitive way, letting the fibres adapt my work from design to final piece. I love working with fabric! The colours and textures that can be created are endless, and the organic nature of working with fibres lends itself to the unique shapes in my work. I think the combination of fabric, embroidery and other techniques is truly magical.

I started making vulva art because I wanted to encourage conversations around vulva and vagina acceptance and health. 10% of all my sales are donated to 28 Too Many, a charity dedicated to ending FGM around the world.


Another thing I feel passionate about is that embroidery and fibre art is often not considered “real art” although it requires as much skill as the most complicated “traditional” art, such as oil painting. There is also no escaping the connection between fibre art being historically made by women, and the way it is treated in the art world. This is something I want to help change.

My work if definitely political, but I am always conscious that my work is joyous and fun, rather than confrontational, as my intention is that people view their body that way.

I am inspired by the ability of art to change the world around us, and also constantly inspired by the process itself.

There’s nothing quite like seeing something that has been lovingly made by hand. I also offer custom artwork, which you can read more about here.

You can find me on Instagram @utopianfallopian where I regularly post updates and announce new pieces for sale.

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